Panasonic model AG-HVX200P P2/DVCPRO HD Professional Camcorder. Comes with 3x Batteries, Accessories, and a Big Camera bag.

The camcorder is in good condition. This is an amazingly old model camera; it was designed to do everything on multiple formats as technology was transitioning from DVC tape to Digital Recordings. It records on DVC tape while also recording on P2 Digital Cards. It also records at a high level, almost up to 1080p in some settings and solidly does 720p in more common settings.

It has been tested and recorded footage to the included P2 Memory cards. It comes with a number of different video connections on the side and back of the camera, all of which were inspected. The front lens is sharp and responsive to the controls in the short test videos we did with the camera. All of the buttons are working. The camera body does have some surface marks from previous handling, as well as the three included batteries. The DVC Tape side of the camera is untested as we do not have any tapes to use on it. The camera comes bundled with its accessories in a camcorder camera bag. Please see the photos for more detail.

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  • 1 in stock at 20450 Greenfield Road, Detroit, MI (Phone # 313-345-4000)
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