Olympus model OM-1 Camera. 35mm Format. Collection comes with 4 Olympus Lens, Motor Drive Accessory, Vivatar Flash with Different colored Filters & Camera Bag. (Camera is not Film Tested!)

Camera Body: This is an all-mechanical 35mm film camera. It is old but overall appears to still wind and function properly. The shutter is still snapping and working. The timer's condition is unverified. It winds and sets, but in some attempts, it didn't move the shutter when done ticking. In other tests, it did move the shutter. This is an old camera, so the timer might be showing its age and be faulty. The prism and viewfinder look clear and work well with the lenses; no scratches or other interference are readily visible. There is some micro stuff like dust accumulation on edges. The camera appears to have been well cared for, and the surface condition is great.

Condition: Great - One possible flaw in the timer.

Motor Drive Accessory: This comes attached to the camera. We can't get it working to test it as, sometime in the past, batteries exploded, leaving acid residue on the connectors. The accessory is all there, so if one can fix those battery connectors, there might be a good chance it could be fixed.

Condition: Broken

Lenses: All of the lenses look amazing and are in excellent surface condition for their age. They were stored in the bag and protective cases and untouched. The surface condition is near pristine for items that are this old. Included are:

  • 70-210mm Zoom F4 Lens
  • 60-300mm Zoom F4-5.6 Lens
  • 28-70mm Zoom F3.5-4.5 Lens
  • 50mm F1.8 Lens with a UV filter attached.

Lenses were turned by hand, and there doesn't appear to be any trouble in zooming in and out.

Condition: Excellent

Flash: The Vivitar flash appears to be in excellent condition on the surface. It has been checked. There is some minor battery acid residue color on the connectors in the battery compartment. So this, too, is untested. Comes with a package of different color filters for the flash. Filters appear to be in excellent condition.

Condition: Excellent - But working condition untested.

Everything comes packed in their protective cases, and then all of that is packed in a protective bag.

Please see the photos for more detail. Remember this being Sold as-is, what is in the photos is what you will recieve. Further questions are welcome.


1 in stock at 20450 Greenfield Road, Detroit, MI (Phone # 313-345-4000)

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  • 1 in stock at 20450 Greenfield Road, Detroit, MI (Phone # 313-345-4000)
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